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Incoming & outgoing tour leader since 2013
Tour creator & tour organizer since 2018

Who I am


My name is Valeria and I am an incoming & outgoing tour leader: Nice to meet you.

Like any outgoing tour leader I operate nationally and internationally, as an incoming tour leader my regions of specialization are Piedmont,  and Marche, my home region where my heart is.

For some years I have also been involved in creating itineraries (tour creator & tour organizer) not only at a regional level, but also nationally and internationally.

My bio:

I approached the world of tourism for the first time in 2012 working as a "piccione viaggiatore" for Giocamondo company which deals with summer stays for children.

It was love at first sight and I immediately I decided to get a license tour guide.

I took the exams in the province of Verona, obtaining the qualification for the  English and Romanian languages and then I enrolled in the register of tour leaders in Marche region, and in 2013 I already was on action.

I made my first trip as tour leader leading peoples to the Oktoberfest in Munich. The start was hard, but we know that the dirty work is always up to the newcomers.

From that moment started an uphill journey made up of constant study , researches for new collaborations and a lot of practice in the field.

In 2015 I decided to get back in the game by earning a degree in "sciences of linguistic mediation" studying Russian, English and French .

I currently collaborate with various Italian and foreign tour operators as incoming and outgoing tour leaders.

Since 2018 I have moved to Turin    where I started a long term collaboration with the tour operators Mobitour and Your Travel Diary in Milan as tour creator & tour organizer

I am very satisfied with my work and I really like what I do.


Do I think this is enough?

No, there are no end points, but only starting points for new challenges.












I like matching the activity of tour leader, who works side by side with customers, with that of tour organizer, who makes their dreams come true.

Because  I chose this job



Behind this choice there is of coure a great passion for travels that I have cultivated since I was a child thanks to my mother who lead me on holiday around the Italy.

I was used to traveling by car, on night trains, staying at a friend's house or small hotels with shared bathrooms. Those experiences developped the spirit of adaptation , very useful for me working as a tour leader.

Growing up I discovered that I really enjoyed traveling, but even more I loved designing and creating the itinerary . I liked to choose personally the departure times, cities and places to visit, the hotels and so instead of chosing a package tour, I used to spent hours and hours on the computer to choose the next travel destination. Unknowingly I was approaching the job of tour leader.

Thanks to Giocamondo  in 2012  I really understood that I could transform my passion into a real job and step by step I built my future.

On that time I worked part timr as administrative secretary for a company and at the same time I started working as a tour leader during holidays, on weekends and, especially during the summer time.

During the summer time I used to work part time on the Giocamondo offices with Natalia and Donatella. That periods has been very important for me, I learned things that no university could teach. From that moment I really understood that I would be: a tour leader and a tour organizer.

I liked organize trips, manage unexpected situations, monitor departure and arrival times of trains and planes, book hotels or flights.

Looking for the hotels where our tourists will stay, discovering new itineraries and activities for tourists is really exciting. 

Once I moved to Turin I realized my dream by starting a long term cooperation with Mobitour.​​​

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